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December 12th, 2012
Tucson Police Department

A man suspected in a carjacking and a Tucson police dog were shot and killed late Wednesday. The incident began when a man called 911 at 10:47 p.m. to report that a gunman had stolen his pickup truck outside a Domino’s Pizza. Minutes later a patrol officer spotted the truck and attempted to pull it over. Instead, the driver led the officer on a chase. The man continued driving even after crashing into a fence. After pulling into an alleyway, the driver got out of the truck and fled on foot. He was chased by several officers and the police dog. A confrontation in a front yard of a house resulted in the shooting. Police said Thursday afternoon that the man held a large-caliber gun up to his head. At that time, Ivan bit the man on the arm and the man shot and killed Ivan, Tucson police said. Officers told the man to drop his gun, but he refused. He was fatally shot. The alleged carjacker was pronounced dead at the scene. Ivan died at a veterinary hospital. The entire incident took just eight minutes.



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