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June 20th, 2013
Glendale Police Department

On June 20th, 2013 Officer Wes Zygmont and his canine partner Ronin responded to assist patrol with locating a suspect who fled on foot from officers and recently just committed an armed robbery. While establishing a search team, officers received information that the suspect was running through backyards and was possibly armed.

Officer Wes Zygmont began a search with Ronin and narrowed the suspectís location   to a backyard. As officers were clearing the backyard, Ronin located the suspect   hiding underneath an in ground trampoline. Ronin bit the suspect and while officers  were attempting to take him into custody, the suspect produced a handgun. As Ronin was biting the suspect, Officer Wes Zygmont attempted to gain control of the handgun; however the suspect was able to fire. The rounds struck Officer Wes Zygmont in the hand and foot and one round fatally wounded Ronin. Officers were able to return fire  and mortally wounded the suspect.

Officers later learned the suspect was lying in a position of advantage underneath the trampoline waiting to ambush approaching officers. Officer Wes Zygmont and Ronin recently just completed an academy and this was his first actual apprehension.



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